Building the Foundation for a Better Tomorrow - Ali Infrastructure Paving the Way for Quality Road Construction.

Ali Infrastructure is a leading manufacturer of road construction equipment and provider of related services, including mastic flooring, waterproofing, and civil work. To expand their reach and boost their business, they partnered with DOM Ads, to establish a strong digital presence, create a brand identity, and generate leads through performance marketing. With DOM Ads’ services, Ali Infrastructure was able to achieve their goals and establish a robust digital footprint.


The Background

Ali Infrastructure had a solid reputation in the road construction industry but lacked a strong online presence. They recognized the need to leverage digital marketing to expand their reach and attract more customers. Azeem Ali, the founder of Ali Infrastructure, Partnered with DOM Ads to help them establish a digital presence and build strong connection in the industry. After knowing their requirements, We developed a comprehensive marketing strategy to achieve their goals.

the strategy

We (DOM Ads) developed a multi-faceted marketing strategy for Ali Infrastructure that focused on creating a strong digital presence on multiple platforms, Impressionable corporate identity, and generating leads to build up quality connection in the industry through performance marketing. The following are some of the implemented strategies:

  • Website Development: We design a professional, user-friendly, UI UX, website for Ali Infrastructure that showcased their products, services, and expertise. The website was optimized for search engines, resulting in a 43% increase in organic traffic and a 37% increase in pageviews.

  • Content Marketing: Create the high-quality, relevant content for Ali Infrastructure, including Storytelling, Product & services enhancement, Taglines, CTA’s etc… These pieces were optimized for search engines, and the resulting traffic generated a 23% increase in leads.

  • Social Media Presence: DOM Ads created social media profiles for Ali Infrastructure on relevant platforms and developed a content strategy to engage with their audience and promote their products and services.

  • Performance Marketing: Create targeted ad campaigns on relevant platforms – Showcasing their past works, Implementing the UGC Strategy, to generate qualified leads for Ali Infrastructure. In result, ad campaigns achieved a 4.2% click-through rate and a 2.6% conversion rate.

Challenges & Phases

We (Dom Ads) faced several challenges while developing the marketing strategy for Ali Infrastructure.

  • Firstly, Ali Infrastructure had no existing digital presence, so we had to start from scratch to establish their online presence.
  • Secondly, the road construction industry is highly competitive, and Ali Infrastructure had to stand out among established players. To tackle this, So we developed a unique value proposition to differentiate Ali Infrastructure from the competition.
  • Lastly, the road construction industry is highly technical, and we had to develop a marketing strategy that also showcased Ali Infrastructure’s technical expertise while still being accessible to a non-technical audience.


To overcome these challenges, our team developed a phased marketing strategy, starting with building a strong foundation and gradually expanding the scope of the desired results..

What Works well

A professional-looking website helps them be a leading company in the road construction industry. The relevant and high-quality SEO-friendly contents are helping to generate organic leads on a regular basis, and the performance marketing strategy is building the retainer clients and connection list… So that their staff can always have something to work on.

Mirza & the team is the best. The whole process was so easy and simple. They listened to our needs and did everything they said they would do on time and with quality.

We found them to be professional, knowledgeable, and very customer-focused when we used them to design and build our website or Overall digital presence



Our comprehensive marketing strategy for Ali Infrastructure helped them achieve their goals of establishing a robust digital presence, creating a brand identity, and generating leads through performance marketing. The phased approach to the marketing strategy helped overcome the challenges faced in the highly competitive

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