Feel Good Lighting is a specialized brand that provides lighting solutions for events, concerts, clubs, bars, restaurants, and weddings etc..

They understand the importance of creating the perfect ambiance for any occasion. The team reached out to us to help them with their rebranding, establish their online presence, and connect with their ideal targeted audience. The DOM Ads team provided their expertise in these areas to help Feel Good Lighting stand out in their niche market and attract more clients.


The Background

Feel Good Lighting was established with the goal of becoming a leading provider of lighting solutions for events and other occasions. They recognized the need for professional and creative lighting solutions in the market and set out to fill that gap. However, they felt that their website and social media presence were not effectively showcasing their services and reaching their target audience.

the strategy

We collaborated closely with Feel Good Lighting to better understand their business objectives and target audience. Analyzing and studying potential clients, competitors, and how to make Feel Good Lighting stand out from the crowd. According to the reports at the time, we established a detailed marketing plan that involved redesigning the company’s website, developing a strong brand identity, maintaining social media accounts, and conducting targeted ad campaigns.


One of the challenges we encountered was developing a website that properly presented Feel Good Lighting’s portfolio and services. So we designed their website, which has a lighting effect, and we also had to think of new methods to manage their brand reputation, showcase the products, services, or projects on social media, and attract the ideal target audience through ad campaigns.

What Works well

Our marketing approach has been successful in boosting the market visibility of Feel Good Lighting. The company’s new website design, strong brand recognition and targeted marketing campaigns helped them reach their ideal customer and attract more customers.

“I was very pleased with the outcome of my project. The team was very understanding and accommodating, even when there were delays on my end. In addition, the price was fair and all my requirements were accounted for. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs similar services.”



Feel Good Lighting’s partnership with us has been instrumental in achieving their business goals. Our expertise in website redesign, brand identity creation, social media management, and ad campaign management has helped Feel Good Lighting stand out in their niche market and attract more clients. If you are looking for a marketing agency that specialises in the same niche, we would be delighted to create a successful marketing strategy for your business too.

By partnering with us, you gain much more than just someone to ‘handle your accounts’. We are your strategic marketing partners, your virtual Chief Marketing Officer, and your business growth experts, always up-to-date and eager to guide you towards success.

We approach your business with the same care and dedication as if it were our own, We keep a big-picture perspective and continuously explore ways to enhance your brand, add value, and drive profitable growth.

Because your growth is our success, our aim is not just to acquire a specific number of clients, but to form meaningful partnerships with the right clients.

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