Despite the restrictive environment, our campaigns led to a remarkable 120% increase in sales within the first quarter of collaboration.

We faced a unique challenge when Sensuous Secret, a dynamic brand that offers women’s intimate apparel, approached us. Despite the empowering ideas in their products, Facebook’s sensitive advertising guidelines prevented them from using this type of content in their ads. Our goal was to develop a cutting-edge digital marketing plan that would not only operate within these restrictions but would also result in a significant increase in revenue.


the strategy

We were aware that the standard approach would not be sufficient. Our method included two key elements:

Elevating Brand Identity: We reimagined the Sensuous Secret brand, focusing on individuality, self-assurance, and empowerment. We aimed to provide women with a secure and empowered environment.

Strategic Campaigns: We came up with a number of meticulously prepared campaigns that complied with platform guidelines while still highlighting the unique qualities and benefits of Sensuous Secret’s products.


Empowering Content: We developed a content strategy featuring inspiring stories, motivational quotes, and genuine testimonials from women, championing body positivity and self-expression.

Subtle Imagery: To portray the spirit of the items without breaking rules, our creative team created pictures that complied with the platform’s requirements.

Targeting Audiences: To reach consumers who identified with the brand’s values and were interested in its products, we used advanced audience targeting techniques.

What Works well - Results

The outcomes exceeded all expectations.

Sales Surge: Despite the challenging climate, our efforts produced a phenomenal 120% rise in sales within the first quarter of our partnership.

Engagement Boom: Sensuous Secret’s social media engagement soared by 180%, indicating a strong bond between the brand and its audience.

Brand Advocacy: The empowering content resulted in an organic increase in brand advocates and user-generated content, further expanding Sensuous Secret’s reach.

“We were nowhere to be discovered before they started, and we’ve seen progress since they started three months ago.”

The team has improved keyword ranks and generated more new leads.

RAHUL MALHOTRA - Marketing Head, Sensuous Secret.


Our journey with Sensuous Secret underscores the power of inventive thinking and strategic execution in the face of challenges. By tapping into the core values of empowerment and individuality, we not only complied with platform policies but also achieved exceptional sales growth. This case study serves as a testament to our expertise in niche product marketing and our commitment to delivering results, regardless of constraints.

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