Shoobwun Libaas is a brand with a rich history of producing pashmina materials like shawls, suits, coats and pehran.

They make Kashmiri transitional work, also known as “ari” or “Tilla” work, and the founder, Mansha Tariq, approached us with the goal of making their heritage business identifiable in the new digital era. To help achieve their goals, they partnered with DOM Ads to provide a comprehensive marketing solution.


The Background

The brand’s origins could be closely linked to 35 years in the pashmina material production business. The brand is committed to protecting Kashmir’s unique cultural legacy and its people. They hope to promote the region’s traditional arts and crafts through their products, even while providing a source of income for the local community of artisans.

After onboarding and knowing their goals, we create a tagline: “Maintaining and appreciating culture through fashion” which represents their aim and story. We understood the unique needs of Shoobwun Libaas and worked towards creating a robust online presence for the brand and build a community of audiences that would appreciate and recognize the cultural heritage of Kashmiri transitional work.

the strategy

We combined the brand’s traditional heritage with modern marketing tactics to reach a wider audience and established an online platform that highlighted their unique artistry products and showcased their dedication to maintaining cultural heritage through fashion. also created a strong brand identity that mirrored the business’s principles and heritage, as well as handled social media to establish a solid community of followers and boost awareness among the targeted niche audience via performance marketing.


The marketing journey for was not without challenges.  The first, we conducted extensive research and worked closely with Shoobwun Libaas to create a brand identity that accurately reflected their values, traditional work, culture, and beliefs and create a logo, tagline, and visual identity that reflected the brand’s ethos. Another challenge was to build an audience interested in the brand’s products and mission. We leveraged social media platforms to engage with the target audience, share content that was relevant to their interests, and drive conversions.

What Works well

The efforts paid off as Shoobwun Libaas saw a significant increase in online engagement and sales. This expertly-executed plan resulted in a 64% increase in revenue beyond their previous best month and grew their customer database by 25%. We created a detailed checklist to help Shoobwun Libaas at every step of the process, including the actions necessary by the client (i.e. Social Platforms, organic growth, Whatsapp, and engagement components) so that nothing was ignored.

I must say like literally, Afzal Mirza Provide best services in managing my Business account helped me in growth of my business.

Now I do more sales only because of them people got to know about my business, You people helped me in every aspect and cleared my every query in a smooth way.

Mansha Tariq, Shoobwun Libaas - Owner


Our journey with Shoobwun Libaas has been a successful one, resulting in a significant increase in brand awareness, recognition and their best-ever month of revenue. which helped to maintain and appreciate the cultural heritage of Kashmiri transitional work through fashion.

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