A refund means giving back the money a customer paid for a product/service. It happens when the customer is not satisfied with the product or if there are problems that can’t be fixed. The refund is given by reversing the charge on the customer’s card or account and putting the money back where it came from.

DOM ADS will only give a refund if the service or product doesn’t meet the promised specifications/delivery or if they can’t fix any problems with it. The refund will not be more than the original price paid. Sometimes, DOM ADS may take longer to deliver the service than expected, but they won’t give a refund as long as the service has been provided.

When giving a refund, DOM ADS will only send the money back to the original source it came from. For example, if the order was paid with a credit card, the refund will go back to that credit card account. If the order was paid with PayPal and the PayPal account is closed, the customer should contact DOM ADS for help.